The eve of October 31st marked the opening of another Spiritual Portal for 2020. We have had many this year. The Beings that guard our planet have been guiding us in our awakenings as Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Those of us who are aware of our Spirit Guides, Teachers, Angels, and Invisible Helpers know that 2020 is a year of Huge Transformation and a Global Re-Set in many different platforms and Systems that have been running for many lifetimes of human existence on Planet Earth.

With the news of another portal opening and this being the month of Thanksgiving, I am beginning to get really excited for what is coming and grateful for what has been. I, like many of us, have taken on this year as a re-set in my personal life, my professional life, and my life as a global transformational leader. Many years ago, I made a commitment to fulfilling on my life purpose and serving the Creator of All-That-Is 100% with everything that I am. I said to God, as I understand God, that I would do whatever is asked of me to do, go wherever I’m asked to go as long as I and my family are taken care of with what we need at all times.

In March of 2020, it became very clear that my career as a massage therapist was complete and my Spirit Team was telling me to stop this work as an L.M.P. Bright Butterfly Enterprises was birthed in 2018, but since it was in its infancy, and I was working for a paycheck, it stayed small and I treated it like a fun hobby. My time and exposure at the psychic fairs were definitely fun and they boosted my confidence in my ability to channel, heal, and work in the psychic world of Spirit without being in my comfort zone of 25 years.

I resigned my massage job, tore up my massage license, and started the internal healing and releasing work to commit to being the CEO of my Spiritual Business. It was liberating to end my career as it had been something that my Soul had been asking for many years prior.

This year marks the toddlerhood of Bright Butterfly Enterprises and we are thrilled to be bringing all of the massive Spiritual Tools and Gifts that humanity collectively is asking us for.

This November of 2020, I am grateful for this mass awakening of myself and all of the 7.5 billion people who have chosen this journey of learning how to be human beings having a Spiritual Experience.


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Pam Bright is a multi-dimensional healer, life transformation coach, and spiritual intuitive who uses a multitude of modalities to access and channel the frequencies of the spirit world. She is the founder of The Bright Butterfly Network and Bright Butterfly Enterprises, LLC.

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