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“Light is the Language of the Soul;
Bright Light Language™.”

“Light is the Language of the Soul”

Bright Light Language™.”

Pam Bright Seattle

Happy New Year Visioning

“My invitation to you is to take some time to write down what it is that
you want to let go of from this past year.” ~ Pam


Do you have some unfinished business? Do you have regrets? Are you complete with this past year? What are you grateful for? What was truly difficult?

Do you need to make amends and clean up some communications with others? This is super important to be clear on before you can bring anything new into your world with clarity.

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If this is a new concept to you, then let Bright Butterfly help you. Yes, we all want to jump in to our next goal, our next adventure. That is the way of humans. However, taking the time to honor what has been brings closure and a feeling of being complete to endings. This includes not only the end of a year, but it also includes endings of jobs, our homes, relationships, deaths of loved ones, ideas, and struggles.

Give yourself this gift.


What are the beliefs, concepts, disappointments, regrets, and habits that no longer are things that you want to hold on to? Maybe you have certain feelings or emotions that you are ready to release. This is the time to get clear. You get to have some relief. But you have to get uncomfortable first. Some of you will take this inventory process on easily and without struggle and resistance. It does get easier!

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Special New Year Price $250 for FULL session – Enjoy! Happy New Year!

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Pam Bright is a multi-dimensional healer, life transformation coach, and spiritual intuitive who uses a multitude of modalities to access and channel the frequencies of the spirit world.

The best way I have found to help you explore the coaching process is by scheduling a time to have a heart to heart conversation. I offer a free discovery call to gives us the time to meet, answer questions, and explore if we are a good fit.

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Usui Reiki Attunement: Levels 1, 2 and Master

Ancient Spiritual Practice of Healing

Awaken your hands-on healing ability through being initiated into the Usui Reiki System of Healing for the whole body!

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Spiritual Transformation Coaching

I AM your partner

As your Coach, you will be supported in discovery, acknowledgment, and activation of the things that you are committed to embracing in your life.

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Soul Activation

Connect and Understand Your Soul Contract

Each human being has a soul. Each time the soul experiences a lifetime it has many experiences that leave an imprint on the soul that often is brought into future lifetimes.

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Spirit Team Creation

Consciously connect with your Spirit Team

Discover your Unique Spritual Team of Beings who are here for you in this life on Planet Earth.

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Sacred Sound Transmissions

Experience Sounds from the Multiverse

Allow yourself to experience the various sounds from the many guides, teachers, angels and invisible helpers through Pam’s voice and various instruments. Blessings, Ceremonies, Special Events.

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