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It was March 21 of 2022.  I received a call from my brother.  It was at 11:00pm.  Dad had just died.

I was not surprised by this news, however, it hit my heart with relief and sorrow at the same time.  My Dad, Jerry Bye, had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for 5 years.  He died in his hospital bed with COVID 19  and pneumonia related  problems at the ripe old age of 88.

The last time that I saw my Dad was July of 2021.  The sweetest memory that will forever stay embedded in my mind is watching my Mom and Dad, both in the Desert View Senior Living Center sitting on the couch in the Memory Care Unit holding hands without saying a word, just loving each other.

It was a difficult visit for me, Jerry’s youngest daughter to see him so frail and already shutting down.  My Dad was now an old man.  He barely spoke in the last year of his life and seemed barely alive when last I saw him.

The last few months of Dad’s life were tough for him.  He was in the hospital from January to March and was unresponsive except for brief moments of softly spoken almost inaudible words to his bride, my Mom, Nancy B

The most wonderful memories that I will forever cherish, were during and immediately after his transition.  After seeing my Dad for the last time, I really wanted to be able to connect to him, even though he had begun to start shutting down from his Alzheimer’s.  So, I asked one of my trusted friends and colleagues how I could do that.

She walked me through the process that she used to connect to others who are in the process of transitioning, and I did what was suggested. I didn’t have any expectations, I was just hopeful that it would work.

I was impacted a lot and deeply honored that my Dad and I were able to connect in that way. All of the difficulty that I had experienced communicating with my father before he had dementia seemed to have disappeared and all that I experienced was profound love.

After his passing, I continued to connect with Dad and when we had his memorial service, again, I had a profound experience.  I was blessed to feel all of the outpouring of love that his family and friends had for him.  I watched him in the people who came to the service.  I experienced him in the desert hills of Las Vegas.

In July of 2022, I released some of this ashes in the ocean, and also at the family vacation property, and saw angel wings multiple times in the clouds as my husband renewed our vows.  My Dad told me multiple times that he was proud of me and he was so happy that my husband and I had found each other.

To this day, in November of 2022, I know that my Dad, Jerry Bye, is at peace and on to his next adventure.  He is now my Spirit Guide, and we continue to connect in more ways and more often than I ever imagined.

Many blessings to you Daddy as your birthday approaches that you would have turned 90 earth years old, and I send my love to you and a big THANK YOU!!


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Love and Light,

Pam Bright



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