November 11, 2001 was a day that for my boyfriend and I started out as pretty much a normal day, but one of great anticipation. We had an appointment at the University of Washington Hospital to see a high risk pregnancy specialist to discuss whether or not I could safely get and maintain a pregnancy due to my medical issues. Being that it had only been 7 months since I had my stroke and coma and the fact that I was 38 and I had a history of hypertension, my boyfriend and I were advised to seek a specialist.

Our appointment was already set weeks before the day of what many consider one of the biggest tragedies in our world. My boyfriend’s mother had spent the night so she could drive us to our medical appointment. As was her habit, she turned on the television to news about what was happening in New York. David and I woke up to the news that the twin towers had been run into from an airplane!!

I had been having quite a time of recovery from my near death experience learning how to process information, getting my self into a new routine of health and wellness, and learning how to follow directions of my medical community so everything seemed surreal to me. It was as though I was watching a movie. My brain didn’t know how to process what I was seeing on the television. As a couple, we loved watching movies, so my brain did what it was used to doing and processed the views on the screen as though it was an action movie. I remember that I actually had to ask my boyfriend what I was seeing.

We all processed the beginnings of the tragic events in different ways, and for me, I was not going to allow whatever was happening to ruin my day. We called the hospital to make sure that they were still open and seeing patients. The news from the television stations were telling us information minute by minute and some were even saying to prepare ourselves for the worst in our own town!!

I watched as my boyfriend and my his mom reacted to the events that were unfolding, and as we drove to the hospital where I would meet my new doctor, there was an eerie silence. It was as though I could taste and feel the panic that everyone was experiencing. It had been 7 months since my near death experience, and since I had experienced my host of angels, I didn’t have a real sense of the human collective suffering. It isn’t that I lost my sense of compassion, I just had a very real knowing about the soul and its role in the human experience.

David and I did indeed meet with the doctor who gave us the thumbs up for getting and staying pregnant safely. He assured us that he was going to everything possible to make sure that I was monitored regularly for any abnormalities in my blood pressure condition and that baby was delivered safely.

The 911 event continued throughout the day and the world was on edge. I continued in this whirlwind of confusion between sensing the world’s collective anxiety and my excitement and uncertainty of becoming a mother. I didn’t relate to the unfolding trauma as others seemed to be.

Whatever I experienced in my coma, changed me. I returned to Earth knowing things about human beings that I previously didn’t know about life here. I had a knowing that although to the outsiders, the humans that were involved with the 911 tragedy directly and died, chose that experience. The Soul has certain things that it chooses before incarnating to experience. With that knowledge, although I had compassion for those humans who mourned for the deceased, it was difficult to be upset about what I was hearing and seeing as the news reporters were showing footage of the twin towers burning. Even when I saw the airplanes hit the buildings and heard about the particulars, I remember just saying to my boyfriend and his mom how amazing it was that those involved would choose to go through that!

This is our greatest gift as human beings. We get to experience everything there is to experience here on Earth. Every feeling. Every kind of person, from every walk of life. I also know that we return to this planet many times. Yes, reincarnation is real. I don’t know if we get to return as another species, but since I have the knowing that my original home is from the stars, I bet we can come back as an animal or a tree or a gorilla.

I am grateful for my life. I am grateful that I received the support from the angels to return to this planet Earth to live out this incarnation and learn as much about myself and my human community as possible.

Many Blessings of Love and Light from me and the Creator of all that is!

Pam Il’Lania Kinishah

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Pam Bright is a multi-dimensional healer, life transformation coach, and spiritual intuitive who uses a multitude of modalities to access and channel the frequencies of the spirit world. She is the founder of The Bright Butterfly Network and Bright Butterfly Enterprises, LLC.

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