This could also be called “Post N.D.E.; the next twenty years.”

In my blog post called Illuminate the Loving Touch, I mentioned that I did not have any conscious knowing about my experience while in my coma. However, through intuitive recall and help from my spirit guides, I was able to put together valuable information that would be the framework for me to create my life from 2001 forward.

Prior to my hospitalization, I had attended many spiritual ceremonies and gatherings since the 1990’s which were incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I had completed a ton of healing from addiction and many of my inner traumas that were in the way of my full participation as a spiritual leader on the planet.

I feel incredibly blessed by all of the many workshops, ceremonies, gatherings of all kinds and people who held me up and allowed me to lean on their shoulders as I tried to find my way. I was insecure about my experiences and my abilities as a lightworker and teacher. I relied on my massage and hands-on healing practice as my only access to helping others. When I was downloaded with the Language of Light and also got ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church, they were just an add on to what I had already been doing as a spiritual seeker, or so I thought!

As a minister, I made the commitment to the Creator to be in service 100%. With Light Language, I began speaking and singing it everywhere, but didn’t have any context of what it was doing, I just knew that I liked it. I had started coaching and nervously doing some light language transmissions, but I desperately needed help. My soul gifts were slowly unfolding, but I was rapidly expanding and trying to navigate being a business owner, expanding my healing, energy, and coaching skills, without a clue what I was doing except the “doing” of connecting to others.

That is the point at which, I was totally up against it with my anger and disgust with the healthcare system, being told by them that I had a disease that could only be controlled by medication and my resentment about healing taking so long. I felt totally inadequate to make the kind of impact that my soul was wanting to make. I was not really very aware nor did I have a conscious relationship with my soul yet, so God was still outside of me and any spiritual guidance I received was out of my control and one that I didn’t really believe was available to me. My unwillingness and hatred of myself had finally caught up with me and my body rebelled. My kidneys started shutting down, and my blood pressure was out of control. That is when I had my turning point in my spiritual evolution this time around as a human.

My next blog post after my N.D.E. one, I spoke of the 911 event and the miracle of finding out that I could indeed conceive and have a healthy baby and remain healthy myself. I did indeed have a healthy baby girl, my blood pressure FINALLY got down to an acceptable level, I accepted the healthcare system and accepted having the physicians help me to stay healthy from 2001 to the end of this lifetime whenever that will be.

I surrendered to my soul’s calling when I had my near death experience. I surrendered to learning how to live in this human vessel. I learned and am still learning how to ask for and accept help from others. I have had many lessons about surrender in this life, and realize that my body has taken alot of mistreatment from me. When I took on massage therapy, I learned how to treat the body with care to others and receive care myself.

For the next 19 years after my coma, I pushed myself to perform massage and realized that what I continually missed was actually being able to affect my clients souls and move them forward spiritually. I had received enough coaching training that I was able to help a little bit. But I was ready to bring up all of my spiritual gifts to this lifetime and into this body. I just didn’t know how.

I was ready!! That is when I heard my dear mentor, Bryan Rawls speak in light language on a radio program. I don’t remember what subjects were covered, but, I did have a dream about him that night. When I woke up in the morning, I KNEW that he had worked on me and I knew that I had to contact Bryan immediately. I booked a session with him, and began my light language healing journey.

I realized very quickly that this man was a magical being of light and love and he was living his life mission and I totally wanted that!! As I healed my inner self, I got stronger, and realized that this light language that I had been given, was much more than just pretty sounds. It was a living energy system that was teaching me. I wanted more.

I made another commitment to use this gift to its fullest. I also made a commitment to the Creator. I said to the Creator of all that is, that lives and breathes within all things:

“Creator, I give my life to you, all of myself. I will do anything that is asked of me to do by you and I will go wherever you want me to go to do the special assignments that you have for me to do. I only ask that you take care of me and my family fully and completely so that all of our needs are met including our housing, finances, food, and everything else that we need.”

I also did the work with Bryan to download and gather all of my spiritual/psychic gifts from all of my lifetimes that I have been alive and bring them into my soul’s awareness in this lifetime.

Since that time, I have been developing my lifework on this planet and teaching others how to access theirs. I am truly blessed and guided by the love and light of the Creator of all that is.

Thank you for my life. The Bright Butterfly now has her wings!

It is now October of 2021 and my Bright Butterfly Enterprises business is going strong and steady with my full commitment to living 100% on purpose with my mission to awaken the Light and Love of the Creator of All-That-Is into as many people as my soul is available for

I am a student of Awakened Academy to complete my coaching certification and fully activate my business gifts for my Life Mission and Empire of Light and Love for being of service to planet Earth. I have wanted to get certified since 1999 as a Life Coach. It’s been said that “Life happens when we are making other plans.” Well, that’s exactly what happened to me!! As soon as I got the coaching bug, I went full on into coaching, healing, massaging, and psychic work and definitely touched alot of lives. However, I didn’t have the foundation to support myself, my livelihood or my business. I had taken on way too much too fast and I didn’t seek out the support I needed to make

it as a business owner. I let go of that business and retired as a massage therapist to accept the calling of my soul in 2020. I definitely am learning about business and creating a strong foundation for fulfilling on my soul mission in this lifetime. The healing journey never stops, and as I deepen spiritually, more is revealed for me to deal with as I continue to commit to my transformation and being of service to the world. I am thrilled to finally be doing the certification coaching program that I have wanted to do and I look forward to surrendering on the deepest level each and every day to the Creator of all that is and listening to what I get to do next!

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Pam Bright is a multi-dimensional healer, life transformation coach, and spiritual intuitive who uses a multitude of modalities to access and channel the frequencies of the spirit world. She is the founder of The Bright Butterfly Network and Bright Butterfly Enterprises, LLC.

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